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Most Read

Cooper: One answer is simple. Trump did not ...

Congressional Democratic leaders offered a remarkable readout of a meeting with President Donald Trump, saying that the President called House Speaker Nancy Pelosi a "third-rate ...
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The Fort Worth officer who shot Atatiana Jefferson ...

When Atatiana Jefferson's neighbor called police, he says he expected them to go check and see if she was OK.
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Man sets pet lion on electrician who tried ...

The caretaker of a Pakistani house of worship unleashed his pet lion on an electrician who was trying to collect late payment, local police say.
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A tropical cyclone could form in the Gulf ...

A disorganized area of storms along the Mexican coast may develop into a tropical cyclone later this week.
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Prince William carves his own path as monarch ...

Imagine writing your autobiography and publishing it in real time across all media, globally. No editing, no going back and choosing what to leave in ...
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Debate coach: I saw a star at Democratic ...

In Tuesday night's Democratic presidential debate, I'm afraid most of the candidates blended into the stage for me at some point. But that doesn't mean ...
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Who won the debate'

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Where does fake movie money come from'

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Vivid portraits shine light on Tahiti's 'third gender'

Today hits: 1

The story of North Korea's 'Hotel of Doom'

Today hits: 1

How the Soviet 'Concordski' crashed and burned

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How did Kim Jong Un get his Mercedes-Benzes'

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Actor poses as history's most famous figures

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The most random titles coming to Disney+

In case you were off the internet for the last 30-ish hours -- congrats, if so -- you missed an epic Twitter thread from the ...
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Charlize Theron gets awkward dating advice

Charlize Theron and Nicole Kidman deserve some sort of medal for surviving one awkward trip to "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" this week.
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Nicki Minaj and Adele team up

Nicki Minaj revealed she and Adele have teamed up on a song.
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Jennifer Aniston joins Instagram

Jennifer Aniston's "Friends" co-stars will always be there for her -- even for her first day on Instagram.
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Due terzi lavoratori preferirebbe robot al proprio manager

Ricerca in 10 Paesi, in Asia tendenza più marcata
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Affide punta su Italia per credito pegno

Società rinnova Monte pegni Roma e si avvia a closing Creval
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Navigator, raggiunta intesa in Campania

Tra Anpal servizi e Regione. I 471 vincitori saranno assunti
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L'sms di Renzi che gela Conte: "Ho fatto ...

Incassato il sì della maggioranza sulla legge di bilancio, ora il premier Giuseppe Conte sembrerebbe poter dormire sonni tranquilli. In realtà non è così. Infatti, ...
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Al Bano: "Romina' Non l'avrei mai lasciata"

La coppia composta da Al Bano Carrisi e Romina Power continua a far sognare i fan, almeno sul palcoscenico: i due sono protagonisti di una ...
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Giulia Cavaglià e Francesco Sole escono allo scoperto: ...

Hanno smentito più volte le notizie secondo cui tra Giulia Cavaglià e Francesco Sole fosse nata più di un'amicizia ma, alla fine, i due hanno ...
Today hits: 1

Sfera Ebbasta e Andrea Petagna diventano soci e ...

Credono entrambi in uno stile di vita salutare e sono molto amici: per questo motivo Sfera Ebbasta e il calciatore di Serie A Andrea Petagna ...
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Scapoli d'oro reali: chi sono i nuovi William ...

"I sogni son desideri di felicità", dice il motivetto di un famoso cartone animato Disney, secondo cui ogni desiderio può realizzarsi, anche quello di sposare ...
Today hits: 1

Mika confessa: "Mia mamma sta combattendo contro un ...

"Mia madre è davvero combattiva. In questo periodo sta combattendo contro un cancro". Il cantante Mika, a Dominica In, ha voluto condividere con il pubblico ...
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Spygate, c'è il primo dossier: ora Trump può ...

Domani potrebbe essere il giorno della verità per Donald Trump e per le due inchieste avviate dalla sua amministrazione sui presunti "abusi" ai danni della ...
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Maker Faire 2019 al via con il saluto ...

Per AstroLuca, la fiera è un'occasione per imparare divertendosi
Today hits: 1

'Mad Men' star announces separation

Christina Hendricks and actor Geoffrey Arend are going their separate ways after 12 years together.
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The President's frustration with the impeachment probe is ...

President Donald Trump's frustration with the Democratic impeachment probe is boiling over, with investigators set Thursday to peel back yet another layer of what is ...
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Scaramucci says this has gotten Trump rattled

Former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci says he predicts that eventually there will be enough Republican senators who will say that they can't take ...
Today hits: 0

Mitch McConnell previews Senate impeachment trial

? Analysis: Trump's fury rises with key impeachment inquiry testimony on the horizon? Wall Street Journal: Rick Perry spoke with Rudy Giuliani at Trump's direction ...
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Wall Street Journal: Rick Perry spoke with Rudy ...

Energy Secretary Rick Perry said he spoke with President Donald Trump's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani at the President's direction this spring about alleged Ukrainian corruption, ...
Today hits: 0

Cuomo calls out GOPers choosing patronage over principle

CNN's Chris Cuomo says the House vote approving a resolution opposing the Trump administration's move to withdraw US forces from Syria serves as a litmus ...
Today hits: 0

The ambassador at the center of the impeachment ...

When Gordon Sondland arrived in Brussels as the US ambassador to the European Union in July 2018, it didn't take long before people were reminded ...
Today hits: 0

SCOTUS wrestles with immigration as Sotomayor breaks new ...

? Opinion: This ruling endangers LGBTQ people
Today hits: 0

Trump tweeted a photo attacking Pelosi. She made ...

? Democrats say Trump had a 'meltdown' at White House meeting? Trump wrote letter to Turkey president telling him 'don't be a fool'
Today hits: 0

Family may have lived on isolated farm for ...

A family of six was discovered inside a remote farm in the Netherlands, where it is believed they lived in isolation for nine years, according ...
Today hits: 0

Data model predicts Trump wins election in landslide

The financial firm Moody's Analytics predicts that President Trump will win the 2020 election in a landslide due to today's economic conditions.
Today hits: 0

Trump's top China adviser appears to have made ...

In his 2011 book "Death by China," President Donald Trump's senior adviser Peter Navarro quoted a China hawk named "Ron Vara" to prove his point ...
Today hits: 0

Boris Johnson heads to EU summit as Brexit ...

Today hits: 0

Trump appears to confirm open secret about US ...

President Donald Trump appeared to confirm Wednesday that US nuclear weapons are being housed at Incirlik Air Base in Turkey, making him the first US ...
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Jennifer Aniston broke Instagram

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The 'blob': Paris zoo unveils unusual organism which ...

Today hits: 0

Kimmel mocks Trump's 'tough guy' letter

Late night host Jimmy Kimmel pokes fun at President Donald Trump's "don't be a tough guy" letter sent to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.
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Son of 'Tarzan' actor allegedly killed his mother ...

Authorities are investigating a homicide at the home of actor Ron Ely, according to the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office.
Today hits: 0

A man was sentenced to 15 years for ...

A man pleaded guilty to cocaine possession in Oklahoma -- only to withdraw his plea and have his case dismissed after it turned out to ...
Today hits: 0

Boxer Patrick Day dies four days after being ...

Boxer Patrick Day died Wednesday, four days after he was knocked out during his bout with Charles Conwell on Saturday night in Chicago.
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Brooke Baldwin: Stop what you're doing and look ...

North Korean state media released pictures of Kim Jong Un riding a white horse up a mountain in what is considered a politically significant act. ...
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The ant that moves at 108 times its ...

Scientists have recorded the speed of the world's fastest ant, which lives in the Sahara and is able to travel 108 times its own body ...
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Latest Posts

Se l'"Omeopatia" è un virus, ci vuole la ...

C hi di voi conosce il medico Joseph Roy? Pochi credo, eppure all'inizio del secolo scorso individuò un batterio che chiamò "oscillococco". Questo nome a ...
Posted on: 10/18/19

Vibo Valentia, ucciso davanti al figlio di 6 ...

Cinque colpi di pistola calibro 7,65, esplosi a bruciapelo alle sue spalle, mentre passeggiava mano nella mano con il figlioletto di sei anni. Lo hanno ...
Posted on: 10/18/19

Auto rotte e minacce continue. Il racket dei ...

I parcheggiatori abusivi africani continuano a fare il bello e il cattivo tempo nell'area di via Benedetto Marcello a Milano e, nonostante una buona parte ...
Posted on: 10/18/19

Tina Cipollari denuncia il figlio per uno scherzo ...

Momenti di vero terrore per Tina Cipollari, quando scopre che Mattia, figlio suo e dell'ex marito Kiko Nalli, non soltanto ha fatto rettificare la sua ...
Posted on: 10/18/19

Cibo, foto e gambe finte: tutto ciò che ...

Coriandoli colorati, danze in costume e fuochi d'artificio con le proprie ceneri. Nel Regno Unito sempre più persone trasformano i funerali in una "celebrazione della ...
Posted on: 10/18/19

"L'avvocato adesso è in affitto' Vantaggio solo per ...

In questi ultimi giorni ci stiamo occupando in modo più dettagliato del secondment, obvvero la prassi anglossassone delle professioni legali che di fatto mette sul ...
Posted on: 10/18/19

Esplode la cassa integrazione: nel Nord è già ...

Mentre il governo si appresta a varare una manovra 2020 che porterà un aggravio di almeno 12,3 miliardi di tasse su imprese e contribuenti, il ...
Posted on: 10/18/19

Salento, sbarcano 82 migranti: ci sono due presunti ...

Continuano gli sbarchi nel Salento: ne sono avvenuti due questa notte quasi in contemporanea, e hanno portato al raggiungimento del suolo 82 migranti totali a ...
Posted on: 10/18/19

Il vero miracolo fiscale della legge di Bilancio: ...

Sulla casa il governo è riuscito in un'impresa impossibile: mettere d'accordo proprietari e affittuari. Due categorie dagli interessi inevitabilmente contrapposti, da un paio di giorni ...
Posted on: 10/18/19

Gentiloni si tira fuori d'impaccio: Il giudizio spetterà ...

"Non vedo l'ora di cominciare", ha assicurato solo un paio di giorni fa, dopo l'incontro a Bruxelles con il presidente uscente della Commissione europea Jean ...
Posted on: 10/18/19

Di Maio poliziotto fiscale torna a invocare le ...

Sono rimaste, insieme al taglio dei parlamentari, l'ultimo totem delle origini ancora in piedi. E d'altronde le manette campeggiavano in bella evidenza sulla prima pagina ...
Posted on: 10/18/19

Ma al riservatissimo Battiato piacciono tutte queste parole ...

Paolo GiordanoMa siamo sicuri che a Battiato piacerebbe tutto questo chiacchiericcio sulla sua salute? Lui, uno degli artisti più riservati di sempre, uno che quel ...
Posted on: 10/18/19

"Il mio detective disturbato indaga e lotta a ...

Cinzia Romanida RomaVive con un anarchico: il suo cervello. E fa lo schizzato con la sindrome di Tourette, mentre indaga sull'assassinio del suo miglior amico, ...
Posted on: 10/18/19

"La guerra dei mondi" non conosce tregua

L'archetipo di tutte le invasioni aliene. Ecco cos'è La guerra dei mondi di H.G. Wells che dal 1898 detta le regole per gettare nel panico ...
Posted on: 10/18/19

In moschea si prega per l'esercito turco

Sulla pagina di Milli Gorus campeggia il nome di Necmettin Erbakan, che è stato maestro di Erdogan e inventore dell'islam politico turco dopo il grande ...
Posted on: 10/18/19

Volontari, telefoni e bus: prove di apocalisse per ...

La prova generale della grande fuga è il più articolato piano di evacuazione mai organizzato in Italia di fronte a un rischio vulcanico e l'area ...
Posted on: 10/18/19

'Office Ladies' podcast is here

There something I wish I'd known before walking into an interview with Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey: quoting them would be nearly impossible at the ...
Posted on: 10/18/19

Kane Brown pays tribute to late drummer Kenny ...

Country star Kane Brown choked back tears as he honored his late drummer, Kenny Dixon, as he accepted an award at the CMT Artists of ...
Posted on: 10/18/19

'World's first' 360-degree infinity pool

Posted on: 10/18/19

Remember Madonna's cone bra'

Posted on: 10/18/19

California to launch nation's first statewide earthquake warning ...

California will launch the nation's first statewide earthquake early warning system Thursday morning, according to a news release from the governor's office.
Posted on: 10/18/19

Georgia school district reverses transgender-friendly bathroom policy after ...

A Georgia school district has reversed its transgender-friendly bathroom policy after board members, staff and students were threatened, the school board said in a news ...
Posted on: 10/18/19

Washington doesn't have a Latino history museum. These ...

Hispanic and Latino people make up the largest ethnic minority in the United States and their contributions to American history run deep -- including back ...
Posted on: 10/18/19

Juul to stop selling several flavored products in ...

Leading e-cigarette company Juul Labs will stop selling several flavored products in the United States, the company announced Thursday.
Posted on: 10/18/19

Saudi bus crash kills 35 foreigners

A bus crash in the Saudi city of Medina killed 35 foreigners and wounded four others on Wednesday evening, a police spokesman cited by the ...
Posted on: 10/18/19

Family found living in small room, possibly for ...

Police say a family found in a room on a remote farm in the Netherlands might have been there since 2010.
Posted on: 10/18/19

Blow to UK PM: Conservative's key ally says ...

The United Kingdom and the European Union have agreed a new Brexit deal after months of tense negotiations, according to Prime Minister Boris Johnson and ...
Posted on: 10/18/19

How a safe haven turned into a war ...

Posted on: 10/18/19

This ruling could imperil LGBTQ Americans

A young man I met while doing advocacy work once told me a horrific story that has stuck with me for years. He realized he ...
Posted on: 10/18/19

Your impeachment questions, answered

Posted on: 10/18/19

The surgeon general is shirking his job

Like any top-level White House appointee, Surgeon General Jerome Adams serves at the pleasure of President Donald Trump and owes him some measure of political ...
Posted on: 10/18/19

How we mourn Elijah Cummings

The sudden passing of Elijah Cummings, the passionate and outspoken civil rights advocate and congressman from Maryland, is a major loss to American politics.
Posted on: 10/18/19

What Mulvaney's stunning admission tells us

There is a bit of a brother-and-sisterhood former senior White House aides. Despite deep political and policy differences, I respect those who choose to serve. ...
Posted on: 10/18/19

How Warren could 'vaporize' America's oil boom

Elizabeth Warren doesn't just pose a threat to Wall Street. Her rising 2020 polling numbers are also striking fear in the heart of Big Oil.
Posted on: 10/18/19

Microsoft CEO gets a 66% raise

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella got a 66% raise in the company's latest fiscal year.
Posted on: 10/18/19

Deal to end GM strike won't save Lordstown ...

The deal to end the month-long strike at General Motors will not save an assembly plant in Lordstown, Ohio, and two other transmission plants, according ...
Posted on: 10/18/19

This startup is saving crops by making 'super ...

One company wants to help farmers adapt to a world of rapidly declining bee populations.
Posted on: 10/18/19

Banksy has opened an online store

British artist Banksy has opened an online store, with the stab-proof vest worn by grime superstar Stormzy at Glastonbury among the items for sale. "Gross ...
Posted on: 10/18/19

This viral video caught on a doorbell camera ...

A sweet interaction caught on a Ring doorbell camera between Billy Shelby, a sanitation worker, and 88-year-old Opal Zucca went viral, showing just how far ...
Posted on: 10/18/19

Rep. Elijah Cummings dies at age 68

? Live updates: 'Everyone wanted to hear what Elijah has to say,' Pelosi says? Obama says Cummings stood tallest when our country needed him? Congressman ...
Posted on: 10/18/19

Ancient 'lost city' of the Khmer Empire uncovered ...

Researchers have identified the elusive ancient "lost city" of Cambodia for the first time, according to a report published Tuesday.
Posted on: 10/18/19

Massive mastiff had to be rescued after getting ...

Floyd the mastiff went for a hike with his owner up the Grandeur Peak trail near Salt Lake City on Sunday. But when it was ...
Posted on: 10/18/19

Unusual 'blob' can heal itself and has 720 ...

Posted on: 10/18/19

Scientists freak out over deep sea feast

A team of researchers stumbled upon a "whale fall," a carcass of a baleen whale, during a live-streamed deep-sea dive. Incredible video shows a wide ...
Posted on: 10/18/19

'Mad Men' star announces separation

Christina Hendricks and actor Geoffrey Arend are going their separate ways after 12 years together.
Posted on: 10/18/19

This Kylie Jenner meme is bringing sunshine

Sing it with us: "Rise and shine!"
Posted on: 10/18/19

Stephen Colbert signs new 'Late Show' deal

Stephen Colbert has signed a new contract that keeps him as host of CBS' "The Late Show" through 2023, the network announced Thursday.
Posted on: 10/18/19

Star's selfie crashed Instagram

It only took one special selfie for Jennifer Aniston's new Instagram to crash the app after millions of fans immediately followed her.
Posted on: 10/18/19

She is the most beautiful woman in the ...

You can't argue with science, right?
Posted on: 10/18/19

NASA telescope captures historic image

NASA's Hubble Space Telescope captured the first ever video of a confirmed interstellar comet.
Posted on: 10/18/19

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